COMPUPLUS TRAINING firmly believes that knowledge and skills relevant to the current world are created through partnerships between and amongst varied groupings within society, from academics and researchers to business, from workers to experts, from government to community organizations, from learners to professionals.  Knowledge and skills are no longer the preserve of narrowly-defined groups of experts.

IT training and education must balance the need for quality training and education for all learners with the need for flexibility to cater for the wide ranging circumstances learners face, and the wide-ranging options in what constitutes relevant education and qualifications i.e. balance between industry’s needs and the needs of the individual.  This will ensure that both industry and the individual benefit from the training.  Industry may be assured that COMPUPLUS TRAINING addresses its needs and that employees will be capable of doing what employers expect of them.

All standards used for training by accredited providers are registered by SAQA according to the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).  By describing national standards and qualifications in terms of learning outcomes, the NQF is placing the national demands in respect of quality before the citizens of the country. No longer can the nation tolerate a situation where the range of competences that exist between holders of the same qualification is so wide that employers of qualifying students cannot be sure what the competences are.  It is extremely important that the learning outcomes, standards and qualifications are clear so that there can be no doubt as to what may be expected of qualifying learners.