COMPUPLUS TRAINING has developed, implemented and is committed to maintaining a quality policy to meet the training requirements of our clients.  Quality was established for each process and work product and this will be monitored by the MICT Seta ETQA.

COMPUPLUS TRAINING will apply the necessary standards and procedures as agreed with the MICT Seta ETQA and according to SAQA and NQF requirements.


COMPUPLUS TRAINING is committed to honoring all its agreements with its clients, and to executing the services offered at the highest possible level of professionalism.  To ensure long-term success a high standing and solid reputation in the marketplace is mandatory.  It is therefore a COMPUPLUS TRAINING standard to deliver a professional service.  In addition, COMPUPLUS TRAINING falls under the MICT Seta ETQA thereby assuring our clients the highest standard of training and assessment.