End-User Courses 

Beginners and Advanced Courses available.

MS Office 2010 / 2016
PC Literacy
MS Word Level 1
MS Word Level 2
MS Word Level 3
MS Excel Level 1
MS Excel Level 2
MS Excel Level 3
MS PowerPoint Level 1, 2 & 3
MS Outlook Level 1 & 2

Keyboard Skills
Developing Keyboard Skills

Access Level 1
Access Level 2
Access Level 3 (Development)

Project Management
Project Management Fundamentals
MS Project

Soft Skills
Communicating Effectively
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
Accommodating the Audience in Oral Communication
 Frontline  Customer Services
 Monitor and Control the Reception Area
Monitor and Control Receiving Visitors and Visitor Satisfaction
Attend to Customer Enquiries
The Role of the Business Administrator
Business Administrator Role
Co-ordinate Meetings, Minor Events and Travel Arrangements
Control and Monitor Office Supplies
Monitor and Control the Maintenances of Office Equipment
Maintain a Booking System
Using Computers Effectively to do Research
The World Wide Web
Plan and Conduct a Basic Research Project
Plan , Monitoring and Control an Information System
What is Business
Understanding Organizations
Function in a Business Environment
Maintain a Secure Working Environment
Writing for Success
Ground Rules of Writing
Reading and Researching
Write Documents for Business
Your Role in the Team
Operating in a Team
Handle and Resolve Conflict
Induct a New Colleague
Maintain Employment Relations