The MICT SETA will generate, facilitate and accelerate the processes of skills development for workers at all levels in the ITsector by linking future technology trends with new skills development programs.

What is the MICT ETQA?

ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance) bodies were established as part of SAQA’s structure to ensure consistency and quality in training and education across all Occupational Fields.
This gave MICT SETA  the Exclusive Authority , within the MICT SETA scope of coverage, to:

1. Accredit Training Providers for specific standards or qualifications registered on the NQF;
2. Promote Quality amongst constituent providers;
3. Monitor provision of Education and Training
4. Evaluate assessment and facilitate moderation of Training Providers
5. Register Assessors
6. Certificate Learners
7. Co-operate with other ETQA’s across all sectors towards cross-sectoral Quality Assurance
8. Recommend new Unit Standards, or modification to existing ones, to NSB’s.
9. Maintain a Database of learners and Training Providers
10. Submit reports to SAQA
11. Approve Training providers for delivery of short Courses that are not registered on the NQF, using the same criteria as that for Accreditation.